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Eating Healthy in a World of Processed Foods

 Too much of a good thing can be bad‐ at least that’s what some people believe. We’re living in an age now where food is so unbelievably accessible that we find ourselves scoffing under our breath if we’re in a fast food line for more than sixty‐seconds. The speed and convenience is great at times‐ especially for busy moms and people running from job one to job two. But too much of this has contributed to a worldwide epidemic of obesity, which is growing worse with time.  Learning to balance healthy living in a world of processed foods isn’t impossible. While combo meals (what a deal!) and tempting propaganda can sometimes make healthy feel unattainable, it’s not. It just takes a little planning ahead of time and reinforcement of better choices. So what are some things you can do to eat healthy amidst a world of processed foods? Steam, Bake or Broil‐ If you take a food item in its rawest form, it has the potential to stay healthy.  But the way you prepare it can be a deal breaker.  Stay away from food that is fried or cooked in a batter.  This applies to vegetables too, not just meats. Plan Ahead-Choose a day or days of the week and designate them as food preparation days. Use these days to make several days’ worth of healthy foods to bring with you to work, school, or wherever. That way, when lunch hour rolls around, you won’t be tempted with a Snack/Small chops run.  Get it from Akumbo Mills‐ When you plan to cook meals yourself, order your food items from www.Akumbomills.com/shop. With Akumbo Mills you’re sure of getting food items sourced from verified farms that use organic manure, we process our grains, tubers and/or pulses wholly, and we do all these in an hygienic manner.  Inquire about the Food […]

Watch What You Eat: Whole Grain over Refined Grain

Choosing Whole Grains over Refined Grains A whole grain is a grain that consists of all of the original components that were present when it was growing in the field. Refined grains, on the other hand, have had some of the components removed to give them a better texture and a longer shelf life. These […]


Food manufacturing in Nigeria has generally been about ease of use, product affordability, taste, and product accessibility. The more our society drifted away from sustenance farming and rural lifestyle kitchen, the more our food makers created niches for their products in our cabinets. Processed foods have gone beyond the days of baking flour and sugar […]

Why You Should Choose a Healthy Eating Lifestyle

Healthy eating is a lifestyle trend that has been growing in popularity over the past few years. Healthy eating focuses on organic, unrefined foods rather than pre-cooked or enhanced alternatives. The alternatives tend to have much of their nutritional value removed as a result of making them last longer or cost less. Does your diet […]