Happy Akumbo Mills family

Food manufacturing in Nigeria has generally been about ease of use, product affordability, taste, and product accessibility. The more our society drifted away from sustenance farming and rural lifestyle kitchen, the more our food makers created niches for their products in our cabinets. Processed foods have gone beyond the days of baking flour and sugar being the rulers on our store racks, but have evolved to include the variety of foods eaten daily and taken from restaurants, markets, superstores, and neighborhood kiosks.
As processed foods increase all through the nation, health issues, for example, diabetes, obesity, and cancer have additionally become normal and unavoidable to the point that pre-diabetic cases are increasing all over the nation, and this is just the beginning.
The ideology behind Akumbo Mills is to make food products, additives, and ingredients that will improve the general health of its consumers without compromising on quality or taste.
Akumbo Mills is deliberately making food products, additives, and ingredients that will help the present generation as they become older, hence our slogan, “Akumbo Mills, nurturing the future.”
Modern Nigerian parents are becoming more mindful and thoughtful towards nutrition for infants, toddlers, and pre-teen kids. Assuming foods are eaten that increases calcium in the bones today, a long time from now, it is possible that this generation won’t suffer from Osteoporosis or Colon Cancer. Also, if foods eaten today are the type that keeps glucose levels steady and absorbs slowly in the intestine; the growing child will not only have protection from illnesses, but will also have a lesser risk of developing diabetes later on in life. High protein, low-carb, low-fat diets have become popular through media hypes on celebrity blogs, university studies, restaurant menus, and nutritional labels. These diet plans have additionally gained popularity of proven results; todays trending diets incorporate Glycemic Indexing or the blood glucose response to the manufactured products.
The requests for fast paced lives and lifestyles shouldn’t cost the wellbeing of a nation. Akumbo Mills intends to influence the Nigerian food manufacturing sector to become more about health consciousness than marketing strategies competition